About George Katogiritis

George Katogiritis was born on Karpathos island, Greece in 1947. At the age of 12 he moved to Athens, Greece to work in construction and in 1969 immigrated to the US with the goal of finding and creating a better future for his family.



George always had a sincere love and respect for the Karpathian traditions, and more specifically the Karpathian music. In 1989 he attempted to make his first lyra, which of course had many imperfections but sparked his interest in creating instruments even more. For the last 30 years George has been dividing his time between the US and Greece. His favorite time is when he is back home, on Karpathos island, where he creates lyras and spends time with his family, cats , dogs and friends.

George is moved by people who love music and respect traditions. A simple and approachable man, George never thought of instrument making as a business but rather a way to keep the Karpathian music alive for generations to come. Instrument making is his hobby and passion.